Mesh office chairs are increasingly becoming a preferred alternative to the common woven and knitted ones. Since then, a lot of companies are starting to flirt with the idea of going for mesh office chairs and abandoning the good ol’ woven. But is that really the right step to take or are you jumping on the bandwagon to soon? Fret no more because we have everything you need to make an informed decision. We promise to stay impartial so here are the pros and cons of mesh office chairs:


1. Cost-effective

Mesh office chairs are much cheaper compared to their leather and upholstery counterparts. It’s economic so it won’t take too much out of your company’s allocated budget for operational costs.

2. Ventilation

The very structure of mesh office chairs allows for better ventilation. It facilitates air to effectively circulate between the chair’s back and seat and the seater’s skin and body. This is an innovation not found on leather and fabric chairs which tend to trap heat and make for uncomfortable, not to mention, sweaty hot points.

3. Minimal Maintenance

The minimalistic design and overall construction of mesh office chairs make it easier to maintain and move around. It is lightweight so it’s no problem if there is a need to lift them and take them places inside the office. Any spills or stains are also very easy to clean and maintain given the material used.


1. Comfort

Despite the mesh office chair’s ability to allow better ventilation, it’s not generally a preferred choice when it comes to comfort. This type of chair can’t compete with the plush seats that come with upholstered and leather chairs.

2. Design

Since mesh office chairs are big fans of minimalism, you’ll find it more difficult to find a design and style that will fit to your liking. With mesh office chairs, what you see is what you get, with color probably the only thing you’ll have the chance to think about, design-wise.

3. Durability

In the world of office furniture, there is a semblance of truth in the belief that quality does not come cheap. Since mesh office chairs are generally on the cheaper side, durability is not something you can really bank on. Soft meshes are prone to sagging while hard meshes are not too comfortable.